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How can kindergarten design meet the needs of young children

From:TongdeHits:Time:2018-05-07 18:08:17

    Kindergarten design always starts around a theme - meeting the needs of children and being responsible for young children.
How can kindergarten design meet the needs of young children?
Kindergarten is the second home for young children. It is the place where young children receive school education. Kindergarten design plays an important role in the physical and mental development of young children.
    Kindergarten design is a very professional field and should satisfy children's needs for belonging and love. The most basic thing is to understand children's psychology, children's behavioral characteristics, and teaching characteristics of kindergartens. In addition, it also involves arts, sports, and other aspects. It can be said that in order to meet the needs of children, kindergarten design needs to create many different functional areas:
     1, the general area
The construction area, art area, performance area, reading area, puzzle area, language area, sand water area, sports area, etc. are subordinate to the regular area and appear in many kindergarten designs and can be designed in almost every age class. In this area, there are differences in the materials and activities that are carried out, and it is necessary to ensure safety according to the needs of children.
      2. Subject area
Kindergarten design thematic areas, ie, thematic goals and theme activities, are materialized in the regional materials and guide young children to achieve thematic goals in their regional autonomous activities. The activities in the theme area are relatively more learning components, the game components are less, the regional materials are put in accordance with the theme goals, and the regional activity goals are also consistent with the theme goals.
      3, featured area
What is a characteristic area? Characteristic area refers to the place that is different from other kindergarten designs. This feature can be a regional feature, and it can also be a reflection of the characteristics of park and class. I have no people, I am fine, I am special, really attract the attention of children and parents.


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