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Kindergarten decoration design knowledge: how to design kindergarten library?

From:TongdeHits:Time:2018-05-07 18:08:43

   Is there a library for your child's kindergarten? We have found that the early Hui children all have one thing in common - they like to read. How can children enjoy reading? Interest is the best teacher and wants children to enjoy reading. The first thing is to cultivate children's interest in reading.
    The Kindergarten Library is a special reading place for children. It is an area designed to cultivate children's reading habits and improve their reading interest. If conditions allow, kindergartens should provide children with reading materials to the greatest extent possible, and create a reading environment suitable for children to read so that young children can actively read under the interaction of the environment.
Kindergarten library how to design?
In order to meet the different needs of young children, the library can be divided into several areas in the kindergarten design: dynamic area (performance area, free reading area, good book sharing area), static area (reading area, new book promotion area), repair area, Homemade book area. If the conditions of the kindergarten permit, you can add audiovisual areas (television sets, radio cassette recorders, etc., listen to music literary works or try to talk about recordings), parent-child reading areas (providing parent-child reading opportunities in a certain period of time, and feeling the happiness and happiness of being accompanied by a loved one). .
1, seat
A variety of comfortable chairs or cushions can be provided for young children, such as cute, comfortable small chairs, thick and soft carpet tiles or large pillows. The comfortable seat allows the child to feel like reading at home, thereby attracting more children to read in the library.
2. Bookshelf
Various types of children's bookshelves (such as hanging bookshelf, movable bookshelf, vertical bookshelf, etc.) and lockers can be placed as needed to display and store books. The bookshelf is best placed at the border and serves to divide the area.
3, auxiliary materials
In addition to the items mentioned above such as seats and bookshelves, there are some supplementary materials in the library. Listed below are some materials that help children to learn to read and write in the library: a library register that records the number of times children enter the library, the number of times they read it, the time they read it, and the information they read. Story tapes are available for young children to listen to stories. , children's songs; hand puppets or plush toys, children can be used for storytelling; paper pens, for children to paint, writing use; books other than text materials, such as books, text logo and so on.
4, the selection of books
At the corner of the library, teachers can use a wide variety of reading materials with different functions. However, books should be the protagonist of the book corner anyway. When choosing a book, in addition to considering the basic factors such as the level of child development and the combination of the curriculum, the following factors that may affect the role of the library corner should also be considered. (It is recommended that kindergarten teachers arrange a small class to a large class to read the book's schedule so that the children can have a purposeful, directionful reading.)
The kindergarten library is a seed called "reading" in the children's hearts. This seed needs to be sowed in heart and patiently cares before it can take root and grow in the child's heart.


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