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What are the precautions for kindergarten decoration?

From:TongdeHits:Time:2018-05-07 18:06:25

   Many people have asked that their kindergartens should be renovated. What problems should be noticed in this? Here we sum up the following points to note:
    1. The floor of a children's activity room should not use carpets because it can easily absorb dust mites in the dust, which is not good for health. It is also not suitable to lay foam puzzles because the foam puzzle contains formaldehyde and certain benzene.
    2. Once the room temperature exceeds 28°C in the summer, the amount of formaldehyde released will increase exponentially. It is best not to use a composite door made of a large core plate, because its formaldehyde content and release are relatively high.
    3. Many paints now contain a certain amount of lead. A large amount of lead dust in the air is suspended within 0.8 meters from the ground. This is exactly the height range of children. Lead can easily enter the children through the respiratory tract and digestive tract. Therefore, we must strictly control the quality of kindergarten decoration materials and strengthen the ventilation of newly renovated classrooms and dormitories.
    4, the teacher should remind the child away from power, the floor should be laid and fixed non-slip material, angular place to use foam or cloth.
    5, to avoid nails, sticks and other construction materials stacked on the children's playground, the children are curious, and there is no safety awareness, easy to hurt yourself while playing.
    6, the construction of the auxiliary materials also use environmentally friendly materials, especially waterproof coatings, adhesives, paint solvents (thinner), putty powder and so on.
    7. Select the decoration materials that meet the standard of harmful substances.
    8. The pre-assessment method of indoor air quality shall be used in the kindergarten decoration design to predict the release concentration of harmful substances in the indoor environment after decoration and reserve a certain amount of floating space for release. Because even if the indoor environment after the renovation is up to standard, but after the furniture is placed, the furniture will also release a certain amount of indoor environmental pollutants.
    9, respected simple decoration, minimize the use of materials and construction.
    10. It is best not to put wallpaper in the room, which can reduce the source of pollution.
    11. Do not use natural stone in children's rooms, such as marble and granite, which can easily cause indoor pollution.
    12, children's room paint and paint the best choice of water-based, the price may be higher; color do not choose too bright, the more bright paint and paint heavy metal content is relatively higher, these heavy metal substances and children easily contact Lead and mercury poisoning.
    13. Sign the environmental protection decoration contract with the decoration company. The contract requires the construction party to provide an indoor environment inspection report with the CMA chapter stamped when it is completed.
    14, buy furniture, especially children's room furniture, the best choice for solid wood furniture, furniture paint is best water-based, when buying depends on whether there is an environmental testing report.
    15. Children's rooms are not covered with plastic flooring. Some foam plastic products on the market (similar to slippers materials), such as floor puzzles, will release a large amount of volatile organic substances, which may affect children's health. 


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