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How to choose a popular kindergarten slide becomes a major issue

From:TongdeHits:Time:2018-05-07 18:27:10

    Children's Amusement Park More and more parents to children, and how to choose popular kindergarten slides have become the main problem. So, what kind of entertainment equipment do you like and do children like? Here, the information network introduces China's entertainment equipment.
    In children's amusement parks, more and more parents have become the operator priorities for children, and how to select popular children's play equipment. So, what kind of entertainment equipment do you like and do children like? Here, the information network introduces China's entertainment equipment.
    1, according to the preferences of the audience
The choice is to choose a children's play facility that fully considers the level of space consumption and the playing habits, such as the proportion of children's age.
    Consumption levels and travel habits I will not say here, I emphasize that children in different ages, how to choose entertainment equipment. . Entertainment, Information Network
Childhood is the basic stage of life, and the dynamic characteristics of the huge differences of all ages. Therefore, the children's favorite amusement equipment needs to consider the child's physiological development and psychological development.
    0 - 2 years old: During this time the child's safety awareness is weak, there is no self-protection ability, prone to accidents, need care, you can choose a children's pool, electric shock shaker amusement equipment, there must be a home care.
    3 - 6 years old: Children gradually understand, curious, and adventurous. Optional naughty castle, combined with slides, children's paradise.
    6th to 14th: As the child grows up, he slowly becomes skilled and slightly challenging. You can choose indoor climbing rope adventure, indoor development challenges, such as exploration of amusement equipment, fitness exercise intelligence test. China - Net Entertainment Equipment
    2, pay attention to the color of the kindergarten slide
Children's Park is for children to play with the slide, so the best color of entertainment equipment is bright, bright, warm, bright, happy, beautiful, soft, lively and pure color is the children's favorite large-scale combination slide, it is best to have With some characteristics, children can learn and develop their favorite games to cater to children's psychological characteristics. They are simple, innovative and interesting, they can promote the healthy development of the body, and they are also conducive to the development of intelligence.
    The first 3, focusing on equipment quality and safety
The operator must understand that child safety is always the first. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, a large slide is the most basic requirement. It is the quality of life of the equipment, the appearance of colors to attract children, but there is no safety, who dares to play? Remind all operators and investors that in the selection of amusement equipment, we must see quality assurance and after-sales maintenance to ensure safety and ensure business.


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