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Public Consultation on Large-scale Combined Slides and Sports Industry in Guangz

From:TongdeHits:Time:2018-05-07 18:22:34

    By 2020, the per capita land area will be 0.5 square meters. In the Guangzhou area, 250 years of public sports facilities will be planned and 135 people will be involved in the new plan. Guangzhou is determined to build "urban sports circle" in 10 minutes and rural sports in 10 circles. The vision is realized step by step. On the 15th, the Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress (NPC) announced on its website the special planning and functional layout of the Guangzhou public sports facilities and sports industry. It built a sports city based on Guangzhou for five years, and plans to add 135 public sports facilities to benefit citizens. . The reporter learned that according to the work plan of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress (NPC), the decision to discuss major issues was in 20156. The Standing Committee held the Standing Committee Meeting of the National People's Congress on August 14 to hear and discuss the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. Report on special plans for regional arrangements for sports facilities and sports industry, and make relevant resolutions. If a citizen has a good proposal for a special plan, he can send an email, letter, and other forms of feedback to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress generally in the office of the Guangzhou Working Committee before June 30th.
The "City Sports Circle" was created for 10 minutes, and the per capita land area was 0.5 square meters. Compared with last year, the Guangzhou Sports Bureau released a plan for the planning of large-scale slides for kindergartens and sports industry special function areas, and the "plan" was published by the people of the municipality. A lot of changes have been made to the very large changes in public sports facilities and locations for many large-scale slide combinations.
    The plan points out that the planned area of ​​Guangzhou covers an area of ​​7434.4 square kilometers. By 2020, the per capita land area of ​​Guangzhou will be 0.5 square meters. Through construction, various methods will be changed, such as only focusing on improving and perfecting community sports facilities. And gradually formed a "10-minute urban sports circle" and "10 rural sports", the visual per capita land area of ​​0.75 square meters.
The “plan” also requires specific allocation standards for city, district, street and combined slides, including the city’s, districts, and street’s large slides that should have independent covers. The per capita land area of ​​public sports facilities on the street should not be less than 0.3m2-0.4. M2. Among them, the public kindergarten slide on the street should be 3.5 - 100000 configuration, the configuration of reinforced concrete should be 0.6 -07500 people, administrative and service radius should be considered at the same time, urban street level service radius should not be greater than 1000 - 1500 meters, reinforced concrete level Should not exceed 500 - 800 m, and rural areas should not exceed 5 km.
Five years of 135 new public sports facilities, Guangzhou South Railway Station puts forward a super football field
Newly released "plan" he beam it? Reporter learned that the plan pointed out that by 2020, Guangzhou municipal planning 250 years of public sports facilities, sports land area of ​​848.43 hm2, which includes: 8 from the provincial public sports facilities, sports land area 200.99 models hm2, the status quo reserved; 19 municipal public sports facilities, sports land area of ​​158.95 hm2, the status of retained or upgraded on the 16th plan of the new 3, respectively, national fitness center in Guangzhou, Guangzhou very large professional football stadium and Zengcheng water Sports training base; Public sports facilities construction in the 49th district; Current status reserved or upgraded 32; Planning new 17; Street 174 public sports facilities, sports land area 245.66 hm2, status reserved or upgraded 59, Planning new 115; Reinforced concrete level public Sports facilities are in accordance with 0.6-07500/configuration, and the specific location layout plan does not do anything.
It should be pointed out that the solar plan also puts forward the specific location of the new public sports facilities in 135 years. Specifically, three new public sports facilities for urban public sports facilities have been set up in Guangzhou and Guangzhou respectively, with very large professional football fields and Zengcheng water sports training bases. The National Fitness Sports Center is located in the vicinity of Guangzhou’s Kuanyun Road and At the intersection of Kangwei Road, the sports land area is 3.80 hm2. The location of the Guangzhou Super Paraprofessional Football Stadium is on West Street of Zhongcun Industrial Avenue. The area of ​​sports land is 29.63 hm2. Zengcheng Water Sports Training Base is located at Caili City South Street, a sports land. Area 11.63 hm2.
    In terms of new district planning, the number of newly planned public sports facilities in the Huangpu District is as large as 25. Four new places are distributed, Liwan District planning, land area 18.18 hm2, sports white geese pond respectively national fitness activity center, injury to the New City Stadium, injury to the new stadium and injury to the new football field, public sports facilities planning on the streets of the new 4, Yuexiu District street planning new 1; plus 1 sea area planning, land area 2.55 hm2, sports Haizhu Jianghai fitness activity center, new street planning 4, plus 1 Tianhe area planning, land area 1.06 hm2, the whole country Sports center for fitness activities, 8 planning new levels from street public sports facilities; plus 1 Baiyun District urban planning, land area 3.80 hm2, sports national fitness center in Guangzhou, public sports facility planning new area 2, sports land area 3.51 hm2 , respectively, clock down the pool National Fitness Center, the people and the National Fitness Center, public sports facilities planning the new 16th Street level.
    Huangpu District plans a new 3, sports land area of ​​12.64 hm2, Changzhou National Fitness Activity Center respectively Knowledge City Dragon Multi-purpose Sports Center, Sports Center and towns on the street public sports planning new22. Guangzhou Panyu District Municipal Planning New 1, large professional football, sports land area of ​​15.94 hm2, public sports facility planning new district 3, sports land area of ​​13.04 hm2, Panyu District Swimming Center, Long respectively national fitness activity center and Qiaonan Renmin Fitness activity center, 19 public sports facilities planning new street, Huadu District planning new 9; plus 1, Nansha District Planned land area 5.33 hm2, sports national fitness center, white sand, public sports facilities planning on the streets of the new 16; Zengcheng Urban Planning New 1. Sports land area 11.63 hm2, Zengcheng water sports training base, public sports facility planning new area 1, sports land area 5.25 hm2, National Fitness Activity Center Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, public sports on the street The facility planning new 11; 9.32 hm2 of new-style planning of Conghua Street 5th grade public sports facility sports land area.
The total scale of the sports industry in 2020 is 200 billion yuan
In fact, in addition to publishing the 250-year plan for public sports facilities in Xiamen, it was proposed that “the total sports industry will be 200 billion yuan in 2020. The added value of the sports industry will increase faster than the national economy, and the vision of the sports industry will gradually become a new pillar industry”. The goal.
    The plan pointed out that Guangzhou is a brand effect of planning and forming the overall layout structure of "net and zone 3" functional areas, sports industry training 3 - 5, economic benefits and high-end competition with international influence; development of mountaineering fitness, green health, and water Sports, coastal sports characteristics and emerging fitness and leisure industries; construction of sporting goods, headquarters R&D center, South China and even national sporting goods sales business center, sports and business communication center, and construction of functional regional sports industry as the core system of sports industry development space, building Guangzhou Become a national sports tourism base and an international sports center city.
Specifically, in 2020, Guangzhou municipal construction planning and functional areas will be the sports industry at the two levels of the district level in 81 years, and the city's sports industry field, and 66 district-level sports industry areas.
     It should be pointed out that the plan also points out that Tianhe Sports Center Integrated Sports Service Industrial Park, Guangzhou South Railway Station Football Industrial Park, Guangzhou Equestrian Sports Industry Zone, Nansha Binhai High-end Leisure Sports Industry Zone, Zengcheng Garden Road Sports Industry Functional Area Planning and other Municipal Sports Industry Functional area of ​​five cards, a functional area of ​​sports industry that functions as a national and international influence and business cards.


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